9 apps to optimize telework (and relax)

Lack of motivation, difficulties in getting organized, or in dropping out... Confinement disrupts our lifestyles. Fortunately, some applications allow you to (better) organize yourself, without forgetting to relax.

Coorganiz. Manage your professional and family agenda on a daily basis? This is what Coorganiz offers, a shared family diary that can be connected to your professional diary. In particular, it allows you to create groups to share timetables, lists and documents.

Wunderlist. If you are a fan of "to do lists" this app is for you. It allows you to create, manage and monitor the progress of task lists, alone or with others. The little extra: it is possible to set deadlines, add comments and reminders.

Off Time. When working from home, you can quickly get distracted and lack concentration. In addition to calculating your screen time, OffTime disables calls, messages, and notifications. No more distractions, but fear not, the app sends you an overview of everything you missed while you were away.


Zoom . It's a bit of the essential app in this period. Zoom is an instant messaging and videoconferencing tool that can bring together up to 100 people in its free version.

Evernote. Adept at taking notes? Evernote is surely made for you. This application allows you to save notes, images, videos, voice memos and even web pages. It is organized in the form of “books” which group together as many notes as desired.

ColorNote. A good organization sometimes goes through very simple little helpers. This is the case of Colornote, which allows you to display post-its, sorts of sticky notes, colored on the home screen of your computer or telephone.


Houseparty. It is the video messaging application that has exploded since the start of confinement. The principle: we invite friends or family, who in turn invite and so on. The little extra? You can play live games.

Calm. Confinement and teleworking are disrupting our habits, and in particular our sleep. To set the record straight, Calm offers breathing exercises to the sound of relaxing music. What to fall asleep in peace.

TrainSweatEat. Relaxing also means keeping in shape. Launched by two fitness enthusiasts, TrainSweatEat is a community app that provides access to one workout a day. On the program: muscle strengthening, sheathing and cardio.