Learn to type quickly on the keyboard with this free tool

As a computer user, it is essential to learn to type quickly on the keyboard.

This productivity gain will allow you to be faster to write your emails, your blog articles, your files...

Keybr , an exerciser for learning the keyboard, offers exercises offered in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Polish in a stripped-down framework.

Depending on the OS used, you also have the choice between Azerty, Qwerty or Qwertz keyboards. (order of keys on the keyboard)

No registration or anything between you and the exerciser. To get started, just click in the image.

You type and learn to type... by typing and typing on the keyboard. You learn from your mistakes and you clearly see which keys are the problem!

The texts to be reproduced can be (click on "tutorial" to change the parameters):

  • random (anything, sentences without meaning or spelling) but adapted to your level
  • personalized (you copy the texts you provide)
  • dynamic, i.e. texts coming directly from a website, you can indicate the Thot Cursus site for example with this url of the web feed http://cursus.edu

Your speed and number of errors indicators are permanently displayed and at the end of an exercise you can obtain your graph.

The fact of seeing his keyboard on the screen as well as the keys actually touched on the screen makes it possible to dissociate his gaze from his hands, as you did when you learned to use the mouse. You don't look at your mouse when you're using it, you should be the same when you're typing.

Finally, in addition to the graph, the keys you often miss will appear increasingly red on the keyboard, making it easier for you to correct yourself, the goal being that the spatial position of the keys is ultimately saved in your gesture memory.

In short, Keybr is a superb achievement.