How to arrange your office Ergonomically? POSITIONS AND MATERIALS

Learning how to sit correctly on your office chair is the first thing to know since it is decisive for the well-being and the preservation of your health in the office, but it is not everything.

Arranging your office ergonomically is just as important because positioning yourself in front of furniture, the use of peripherals and the resulting movements can also have an impact on your health and mainly for the back, neck and eyes.

The workstation must consist of a main piece of furniture thought for its location and the position of the user and must above all be accompanied by appropriate peripherals to the use of a computer in good conditions.

On the image gallery below, you will be able to see in pictures the equipment necessary for optimal comfort in the office and how to use them:

  • The forearm and the wrist holding the mouse must be parallel to the work surface
  • How should you position your keyboard between the screen and either
  • Positioning of the screen according to the distance and the angle of view, but also when using a secondary screen.
  • And some other useful details