How to choose the right sit-stand desk

Tips to consider when choosing your sit-stand desk :

❗️Requirement in terms of dimensions
An ergonomic sit-stand desk should be adjustable in width, to accommodate a wider range of tabletops, which will allow for more workspace within easy reach.

❗️ Efficient and silent motorization
It is recommended to buy a sit-stand desk with dual motorization, going up and down will be smoother and much more pleasant.

❗️Choice of materials
The base must be made of good quality reinforced steel, the feet must be stable. and hidden screws.

❗️Weight Capacity
Choose sit-stand desks with a weight capacity of at least 80 kg. This will allow you to install a large number of accessories on your set.

❗️Means of control
A sit-stand desk must have a control keyboard that allows positions to be memorized.

A 5-year warranty is preferable, it is also important to choose a serious brand that tracks parts and develops its products.