How to choose your ergonomic screen support?

Support for 6 flat screens - adjustable arm and cross-mounting

An important element of workstation ergonomics, the screen support is available in several ways: 1-arm screen support or 2-arm screen support , adjustable in height, depth, with articulated arm, ...

Once you've tasted screen support for your computer screen, you won't be able to do without it. Ok, but given the number of models available for sale, how do I choose my PC screen support?

OPAL ERGO takes a look at the characteristics to consider when choosing the right screen support. Here are our expert tips to help you choose your desktop monitor stand.


Here is what your screen support should allow you

Height adjustment:

  • the top third of your screen should be at eye level.

Distance adjustment:

  • for a good ergonomics of your workspace, you must be at a sufficient distance from your screen, adapted to the visual comfort of each one. It is important that you can adjust your support forwards or backwards in relation to its fixing area.

Materials choice:

  • think resistance, durability and lightness. Our screen supports are made of steel and aluminum to meet these criteria.

Possibility of movement:

  • There are adjustments to adapt the screen support to the weight of the screen: all OPAL ERGO screen supports are equipped with two joints which allow the screen to be moved and oriented easily and without limit and to prevent the screen from falls down because of its weight.
  • 360° rotation: allows you to put the screen vertically or horizontally, to turn the screen towards your colleague...

Supported screen size and weight:

  • make sure that your screen is compatible with the screen support: up to 32 inches for OPAL ERGO products? 10kg per arm.

Choice of binding:

  • pliers to have a mobile solution
  • Attached directly to the workstation