Tips for renewing your company's furniture

If you think it's time to renew your business furniture, or if you are opening new offices, follow our advice to make your investment profitable. A few points should be taken into consideration in order to create workspaces that are both pleasant and practical


You wish to renew your company furniture: this is therefore an opportunity to rethink your workspaces for more ergonomics .

Choose the furniture according to the available space

Regardless of the size of your available space, you need to find a way to arrange the offices in such a way that your employees can feel comfortable. For this, we advise you to take the measurements of your spaces and choose the the most suitable furniture , respecting the work surfaces and the safety of your employees. Ventilate and standardize areas while remaining practical. It is imperative to pay attention to the length and width of the furniture, but also to its height and shape.

Make travel easier

When reorganizing the workspaces, you must also take into account the circulation of people, especially if you opt for an open space. Not only is it absolutely necessary to respect the distances between each office , but all your equipment must also be easily accessible. Before buying furniture, plan the layout of the different areas, with corridors and convenient access to storage furniture. People must be able to pass each other without running out of space, especially if you welcome customers to your premises.

Provide relaxation areas

If you have enough space and budget, or even a strong employer brand, you should include in your redevelopment projects casual spaces to take a break or even have fun. In order to create one or more rest areas, we advise you to opt for suitable furniture:

  • Stools, poufs, armchairs, sofas, even hammocks;
  • High tables or low tables;
  • Libraries;
  • Sports or recreational equipment;
  • Etc.

Ask your employees what would make them happy!


Go for solid materials

When choosing new furniture, it is strongly advised to opt for high quality materials, both durable and strong . In this way, your investment is more profitable, because you will not normally have to reinvest for many years. This is all the more important for electronic accessories, such as  sit-stand desks with motor and electric control . To keep your furniture as long as possible, prefer equipment that is easy to clean and, why not, easily assembled and disassembled.

Choose customizable furniture

We also advise you to select customizable products , which can be adapted to your different employees, according to their personal characteristics and their job. For greater flexibility and durability, the furniture you buy must be suitable for all workspaces:

  • Open space;
  • Individual offices;
  • Home office.

This way, you don't have to reinvest completely in furniture if your business changes.

Prefer professional equipment

Although you can find in some standard furniture stores equipment that seems to suit you, it is always better to go to suitable establishments. Indeed, furnishing products sold by companies specializing in company furniture will always be more relevant and functional than common products. This equipment is better suited to the specific needs of companies and workers. Plus, you'll usually get better value for money and better warranties.


Thanks to the renewal of your company furniture, you can enhance your employer brand at several levels.

Highlight your values

The choice of your furniture will have an impact, if possible positive, on your employ branding . We advise you to create an ergonomic environment , where you feel good and which can also promote your values, whether they are technological or respectful of the environment, for example. Thanks to decorative elements, you can also dress your workspaces in accordance with the identity of your company (corporate colors, logos, symbols, etc.).

Build pleasant spaces

After having redesigned the work and relaxation areas in an ergonomic and airy way, choose your furniture according to your corporate culture . Sometimes it is enough to add a few touches of color to the decoration, or to prefer white rather than black desks, to create unique and warm atmospheres. Thanks to workspaces and equipment that are as practical as they are comfortable, you improve the well-being and productivity of your employees.

Protect the health of your employees

With quality professional furniture, your employees are unlikely to end up with health problems related to the exercise of their office profession, often due to poor posture:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs);
  • Back problems ;
  • Blood circulation disorders;
  • Loss of muscle mass;
  • Etc.

Choose seats, screen supports and customizable desks such as sit-stand desks . Thanks to this new generation equipment, also called standing desks, you can adjust the height of the desks as you wish. Thus, it is possible for workers to alternate sitting and standing positions, and to avoid any problems related to posture.

Before renewing your business furniture, first think about rearrange your spaces . Then select practical and durable furniture of good quality. At best, the elements that make up your new offices represent your company both decoratively and technologically. Visit our store to discover many models of ergonomic equipment and sit-stand desks, as well as other accessories to furnish your workspaces.