Home office: 7 ergo and stylish ideas for working well

Whether punctual or regular, telework has found its followers. Fortunately, we have a few solutions to offer you.


Teleworking a source of discomfort?

Boosted by the pandemic context of recent months, teleworking is now part of the lives of many professionals. The beginnings were sometimes a little difficult, nevertheless the routines are now well established and telework has found "its audience"... But, there is a but! According to studies, since the intensification of the practice of teleworking (in March 2020), we have noticed an upsurge in MSDs, the famous Musculoskeletal Disorders!

Yes… If we took care to communicate more remotely, we often botched the installation of our workspace.

Result of the races: we have back pain, wrist pain, it is sometimes difficult to isolate ourselves from ambient noise... In short, on the comfort side "could do better".

Based on this observation, we wanted to highlight some furniture, objects and tips for better teleworking. Come on, it's over here!