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The Four Zones approach

Ergonomics, for what purpose?

The purpose of ergonomics is to develop furniture and equipment that promote efficiency and guarantee comfort. Certain ergonomic principles can enlighten us in order to make the best use of our workstation and thus improve productivity, safety and comfort, and thus promote our fulfillment and well-being.

The Four Zones approach promotes fulfillment and well-being

To optimize your productivity, it is essential to provide an optimal working environment allowing safe and comfortable working. What's more counterproductive than someone with back pain contorting to read their computer screen or getting distracted by pain? The Four Zones approach, (inspired by European legislation concerning the health and safety of employees at work), provides a systematic solution to the problems that may prevent us from giving the best productivity potential.

Zone 1: The back

The problem

Desk work and back pain often go hand in hand. Uncomfortable chairs and poor posture exacerbate existing back problems or create new ones. Sitting in the same position for an extended period, day after day, puts stress on the back muscles and spinal discs. The resulting pain can rob us of the energy and enthusiasm needed to get the job done.

The solution

To brace the back and support the natural curvature of the spine, get back supports . They attach easily to any office chair or visitor chair. When used with an orthopedic pillow , they can significantly improve posture and relieve back pain.

Zone 2: Wrists

The problem

Whether it's carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis, wrist pain is very common and results from an unsuitable practice and working position. In the best case the pain is annoying and in the worst case very painful and can only be solved by changing the way we work.

The solution

As part of an overhaul of computer working methods, wrist rests are perfect for limiting tension. The purpose of a wrist support is to align your wrists and redistribute pressure points to relieve pain.

Zone 3: Neck, shoulders and eyes

The problem

Long hours spent squinting at a computer screen or jamming a phone between ear and shoulder are extremely detrimental to our health. Most often, an incorrectly positioned computer screen is the cause of neck and shoulder pain. A contorted body causes fatigue and blood circulation difficulties, which, in turn, can be responsible for tension in the eyes.

The solution

It is essential that your screen is adjusted to the correct height to avoid constant twisting. OPAL ERGO offers a full line of products that elevate laptops, PCs and documents for maximum comfort and productivity.

Zone 4: Decrease inactivity

The problem

The office environment promotes sedentary behaviors. Nothing is easier than spending the whole day at your desk without really getting up or moving around. This can have a detrimental effect on circulation and waist circumference.

The solution

The  sit-stand desks allow you to change your working position. Working standing part of the day or at regular intervals stimulates circulation, promotes movement and burns more calories.

Incorporate the four-zone approach into your workspace today to alleviate health issues and improve your well-being.