The active sitting position

Is the office chair a hero or a threat when it comes to healthy working?

Sitting for long hours during the day has gotten a lot of bad press in recent months and it's no surprise. Studies show that sitting for a long time can significantly increase your likelihood of developing a multitude of diseases, including diabetes, certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases. We are talking about a sedentary lifestyle at work which can ultimately affect your health.

Ergonomics consultants say, "Sitting isn't always a threat." Sitting is a posture that provides good support to the body, so it should be considered an appropriate position for various work and leisure activities. The trick is to adapt to good sitting posture and alternate between sitting and periods of standing or walking. »

There isn't just one “good posture”. Changing your posture regularly will help stimulate blood flow to your muscles, share the load between different tissues, and keep you from feeling sore and sluggish.

You've probably heard of active work: using office design, policies and equipment to encourage physical activity - but what is active sitting?

Active sitting is when sitting encourages the person to make small, regular adjustments to their posture. The idea is that flexibility and movement benefit the human body when undertaking “sedentary” activities, such as office work and computer use.