The 4 Timeless Office Design Elements Every Office Needs

Keep your office space timeless and sophisticated with classic design elements that won't date your surroundings from the start.

Here's a handy tip: don't be fashionable for the sake of it.

As office design experts, we know that redesigning a functional office space can be both taxing and costly, especially if done frequently and for few reasons.

Workplaces need a bit of longevity in their appearance to avoid the need for costly changes that disrupt your employees' productivity.

Luckily, there are timeless designs you can incorporate into your office now that will keep your office space relevant for ten years or more.

Plus, planning ahead and making sure to incorporate timeless elements into your office space can save you the stress of a complete overhaul when you want to make a change.

We've put together an infographic of the top four timeless design elements that you can now incorporate into your office space.

1. Smart lighting

If you're starting from scratch and can completely renovate your space, adding more windows and letting in more natural light is a must.

Natural light gives an office space a timeless look, saves you electricity, and allows office-bound people to interact with nature .

This design will also stand the test of time as you will always be able to enjoy the lighting no matter what designs you add to the space.

In addition to adding natural light, the right amount and type of artificial (relevant) lighting will keep the space relevant and your staff productive.

Optimal lighting design requires expert advice , but we recommend trying to add more LED lights to the environment and combining them with the natural light you have available to create balance and enhance lighting.

2. A neutral base

Over the years color has become the hot thing in the design space and we always recommend designing with your business in mind.

But if you're looking to create a neutral space that can be versatile, classic colors like black and white, dark and light grays, or cream and taupe will never get old.

It's a color scheme that allows you to play with other elements in the room, while maintaining a classic look.

Updating your look is easier than redesigning an entire place, and a neutral palette gives you the freedom to do just that. Balance in a space is a key pillar of interior design and the simplicity of these shades is incredibly flexible, pleasing to the eye and durable.

3. Natural wood furniture

A classic addition to any space, just like jeans, wooden furniture will never go out of style.

But be careful what color you choose, as any color trend this one can be outdated. 10 years ago, dark mahogany was all the rage, while driftwood tones are all the rage now.

It is best to work as much as possible with natural wood colors.

The closer you get to nature, the less likely you are to date, or at least the sooner it comes back into fashion.

Wooden furniture is also durable, so with a little maintenance it will still look as good as the day you bought it 10 years from now.

4. Works of art

The great thing about art is that it can be moved easily. So if you have a space you can't personalize, this is a timeless item you can use to add color and style to any space.

Artwork can also inspire creativity, reduce stress, and help people be more productive . It is therefore an element that has multiple advantages. Art never dates, so you can keep the same piece for years without it going out of style.