The 5 Best Dual Monitor Stands of 2021

It's frustrating to have all your PC components fit perfectly on your desk. You want a big mouse pad, mouse, keyboard, probably speakers, headphone stand, maybe even a USB hub so you don't have to go under the desk And where does that leave your poor monitor? Pressed against the back edge of the desk if you're lucky, and if you have two monitors? Forget that.

Luckily, you can always fall back on a nice dual-monitor stand. They are widely available in many different configurations, so you can get one that suits your office setup. Take a look below to see our picks for freeing up desktop space.

Desk mount for two monitors with base OPE-7

This dual monitor stand with base is freestanding, meaning it doesn't need to be mounted to the side of your desk. This can be ideal for those of you with limited space who have your desk against a wall or other piece of furniture and don't have the space required to install a mounting bracket. It's a small price to pay to avoid having big brackets hanging from the back of your desk. It is designed for monitors up to 27 inches and 10 kg per arm.

OPE-6 Double Arm Stand

On the other hand , there is the OPE-6 stand with a clamp-style hook to attach to the side of your desk. It has the same restrictions as the OPE-7 stands at 27 inches and 10 Kg per arm, plus height and tilt adjustment (height being adjusted up and down the vertical post).

Extra tall desktop stand for two vertical monitors OPE-73

This time in a vertical orientation, this more stable configuration allows screens up to 27 inches as well. This stand is made of high tensile steel for durability. The arms can be raised and lowered on the pole for easy height adjustment. Tilt and swivel provide multiple monitor angles for comfortable reading, and built-in cable management keeps your cords away from your desk.

this upright design means your screens are much less likely to tip over, as the recessed extendable arms keep the weight centered.

OPE-5 Dual Monitor Stand

This stand opts for much more adjustable gas spring arms than fixed arms, both arms operate independently which is nice for those who position monitors (27 inch) at very different angles or in different orientations for various tasks.

Theoretically, it is even possible to position these arms so that they point in opposite directions. For example, if you share an office space with someone and want a single mount point for your two monitors. Although to mount in the middle of a desk you will need to use the included grommet mount which requires a mounting hole.

Double arm stand for OPE-19 monitors

Ultimate flexibility and optimal viewing angles, designed with an arm system, this model allows you to Maximize your desk space to declutter your environment and work with a clearer mind.
With 360° rotation and vertical reach, the monitor arm is designed for flexible work setup and supports up to 32 inches.