The causes of back pain

Located in the lower back (lumbago), in the middle of the back (dorsalgia) or in the neck (cervicalgia), the pain has the same mechanism. It is the posterior part of the intervertebral disc that can be damaged. This lesion will thus stimulate the nerves, which will propagate painful impulses to the muscles, nerves and ligaments.

The lower back is the most affected area. When it does, it manifests as intense pain. A blockage in the lower back is often a sign of acute low back pain.

Several factors can explain the causes of this back pain:

⇢ Stress: often linked to overwork. The body will indeed react by tensing the muscles.

⇢ Sedentary lifestyle: it will weaken the back muscles and therefore increase the risk of low back pain. It is therefore essential to do a minimum of daily physical exercise (walking, stretching) in order to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

⇢ Unusual stresses on the spine : the onset of pain can occur during brutal efforts such as lifting a bedridden person, taking a long car journey or working with your arms outstretched in the air.

⇢ Lack of hydration: not drinking enough water does not allow you to properly hydrate the muscles and the intervertebral discs (which are made up of 80% water).

⇢ Overweight: it will promote the appearance of osteoarthritis and cause lower back pain.

⇢ Osteoarthritis : progressive wear of the articular cartilage of the vertebrae, it will cause stiffness and pain which will gradually become chronic. It usually appears from the age of 40.

There are also female-specific causes of pain. They are more confronted with cervical pain and low back pain for several reasons: pregnancy, anatomical specificities (the chest, the marked arch of the back) and the wearing of high heels.

What solutions to relieve your back?

Whether we are forced to bend down regularly on a daily basis or our posture at the office is bad, it is common to have back pain. While the majority of people who work at a computer station have had or will one day suffer from back pain, it is essential to know how to relieve it. OPAL ERGO offers you some solutions to implement.

- Sit-stand solutions.

- Screen supports.

- Laptop stands .

- Ergonomic accessories.