Criteria to consider when choosing a monitor arm

What to consider when buying a monitor arm — the key points

Here are some of the important qualities that a good monitor arm should have:

    • Robust :
      A good monitor arm should be sturdy and strong, so you can place your monitor exactly where you want it.

    • Adjustable:
      • You must be able to tilt, swivel and/or rotate it either dynamically (by touching it with your hand) or through a simple mechanism (an easy-to-reach button, for example). Practice shows that if the system is more complicated it is not used.
      • You may want to switch your screen from portrait to landscape mode.
      • Although for some situations (POS for example) you find that the static height and depth are good, it is possible to buy monitor arms with height and depth adjustment. Computer Support

    • Resistant to load and adapted to the number of screens:
      Check the load that your monitor arm can support. Manufacturers of quality products always provide clear information on this for all of their products.

    • Use: The support must meet your needs in terms of the number of your screens:

    • Simple
      Single screen support

    • Single with Laptop Support Arm

    • Double
      Dual screen support

    • Triple

    • triple screen support

    • Quadruple:
      quad screen support

  • Sixfold:
    Sixfold screen support
  • Easy (dis)assembly:
    when needed, a monitor arm should be easy to move. The layout of offices is changing and people are changing places. A quality clamp, bolt, or wall bracket that's easy to set up and take down — and endures the occasional assembly — is no luxury.

    Monitor arm
  • Good design, good looks:
    • Even among the range of quality monitor arms, many manufacturers don't think beyond the functional qualities. Nothing prevents a monitor arm from being so aesthetic. After all, it's going to be part of your work environment for years to come.
    • Smart design can improve your workplace in other areas too. Integrated cable management, for example, enhances health and safety, and by tidying up your workspace, you create a positive stress-relieving environment. Screen support

You can be sure that all OPAL monitor arms meet all these high quality criteria and are both functional and aesthetic. Beyond these questions, it must be determined which features of the monitor arm will be important for the function it will have to perform.

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