The essential tool to organize your collaborative and individual projects

Trello is a collaborative tool that organizes all your projects into a series of shared lists . At a glance Trello will tell you about all your projects, their status and tell you who is working on what in your team.

Getting started with this collaborative organization tool requires no lengthy instructions. Here everything is simple and intuitive. Your dashboard is made up of a series of lists corresponding to your projects. Each list is made up of cards that are moved from one column to the other with the end of the mouse. By default, a table is composed of three columns "to do", "doing" and "done". A universal method of organization.

The list of collaborators is displayed on the right of your dashboard, you can assign them one or more cards from your lists. Each card can contain text, images, videos, files, a date of completion. Each of them accepts comments from collaborators.

These can be organized into groups and each may have more or less rights . From simple consultation to the creation of new lists or maps.

The strength of this collaborative organization tool lies in particular in its real-time communication capabilities . Each modification on one of the lists or cards is displayed live on the screen of all the collaborators. Each participant can be alerted by email as soon as an event (comment, modification) concerns one of the cards on which he is present. On your online dashboard you will also know who is online. What a pity that the creators did not complete the device with a chat service between members. This will no doubt come in future updates.

Trello is a very practical tool to distribute and organize the tasks of a project. This collaborative organization tool works wonders and it's free for now. All the more reason to try it.