Organize dynamic stand-up meetings

Three reasons to stand during your meetings

Whether it's a short meeting or a longer brainstorming session, standing is better for your body and your productivity.

1-Dynamic meetings are good for business:

You may have heard of the adverse health effects of sitting too long at the desk. But what about the negative effects on business? For meetings, this is even more true. Think about it!

 If eight employees attend a one-hour meeting, eight full hours of work have been used, or one employee's workday. But a recent study by Forbes proved that “dynamic” stand-up meetings can reduce that time by 25%, which represents a considerable saving for companies.

Saving time isn't the only benefit for companies when embracing dynamic meetings. People observed greater productivity when they decided to stand up in meetings. If you're the type who tries to do "behind-the-scenes" work in a meeting, like emailing, texting, etc., then stand up and you'll find that you'll be much more productive.

Likewise, when you speak in a meeting and feel like you're not being listened to, standing up has been proven to attract attention, improving speaker listening.

stand-up meeting

2-Getting out of your chair, better for brainstorming:

Whether in a closed office or an open office, people are naturally sedentary and usually end up taking ownership of the space around them. Now watch what happens in a meeting. Although employees may share a smaller room and sit together at the same table, they will still allocate their own space, placing laptops, notebooks and coffee cups in front of them.

This “individual” mindset isn't necessarily a bad thing in itself, but when it comes to creativity, territoriality leads to a less fluid sharing of ideas. In fact, a study by researchers at the University of Washington found that groups working together on a project while standing were significantly more engaged and less searching for their space. This form of “stand-up” meeting therefore led to more sharing of ideas and increased collaboration.

3-Standing up is healthier for your body:

If your job requires you to work in an office, you can probably attest to how strenuous it is to sit most of the day. Moving more and standing is much better for our body than sitting.

If you work at a height-adjustable desk, you probably already appreciate the feeling of well-being and comfort it brings. Get the same feeling in the meeting room with a height-adjustable conference table, which will allow you to adjust its height depending on the type of meeting you are having.

Whatever you need to make your working day run more smoothly, to stimulate your team's creativity and to reduce the time spent in meetings, OPAL ERGO has a range of products to convert your office or meeting room . Let us help you organize your space or, if you need help shopping, contact our team.

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