Why monitor arms are absolutely essential in your workspace

Why are monitor arms absolutely essential in your workspace?

Here are a few reasons why it really helps to use monitor arms in your workplace. It would also be absurd (not to say irresponsible) not to use it:

  1. A monitor arm is important for your health and that of your colleagues: By far the best reason to get a monitor arm is that it allows you to adjust the height, depth and angle of your monitor to achieve the most comfortable and ergonomically sound position for you.

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If you don't use a monitor arm, and your monitor is simply placed on your desk, you will tend to lean towards your screen, pulling your spine out of its natural alignment. A monitor arm not only allows you to decide and install the optimal position of your monitor for you. It also lets you vary the relative position of your eyes, keyboard, and screen.

This element of variability mentioned in the previous paragraph is very important for your health. But even if your workplace setup is great, sitting in the same position for hours is not good for your health. Moreover, many researchers as well as a growing public are convinced that the body ends up experiencing some kind of breakdown.

  1. A monitor arm improves your space and your work experience:
    as we've pointed out, the ability to adjust the height, angle, and/or depth of your monitor provides major ergonomic benefits. But a good monitor arm gives you so much more. Suppose you want to switch from landscape to portrait viewing to view your work from a different angle. Or rotate your screen so a colleague can view it. Or the late afternoon sun reflecting off your screen.

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  1. A monitor arm creates space and brings order to your workspace.
    A monitor arm allows you to remove your monitor from your desk, creating space, giving you the opportunity to use this surface more efficiently. Space is always practical of course, and getting rid of clutter gives a sense of peace and harmony — but a tidy work environment can also have a real positive impact by helping employees stay focused and relaxed.

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To be more specific, a monitor arm creates space for 3 things: (a) important items like your keyboard and mouse that can be used properly, without (b) fun items like photos of your loved ones or your team's bowling cup is in the way; and creates space for (c) things you reach for regularly like your cup of coffee or your phone, which should always be in your neutral zone. Your area what ?

  1. The neutral zone is a term (who doesn't like jargon?) used by ergonomics experts to refer to areas of your desk that you can easily reach while your upper arms are at your sides, elbows bent. Try it for yourself: With your elbows bent, sweep your forearms from side to side across your desk surface to see what you can reach Ergonomically speaking, the area you can reach should include any objects you reach for regularly during a working day.