What is a monitor arm?

What is a monitor arm?

A monitor arm (sometimes called a monitor arm or monitor stand) is a support arm that supports the computer screen. Normally it is attached to the back of your desk.

As you can see, the advantage of a monitor arm is that it allows you to move your computer screen and therefore vary its relative position in relation to your eyes, your keyboard (your hands) and the rest of your body.

Attention all laptop users, the screen support arms are also for you!

If you're a laptop user, you might think monitor arms aren't for you. Nothing is less true. In fact, you probably need a monitor arm more than any other modern worker.

What's more likely to put you at chronic risk for ergonomics-related aches, pains, or worse, than working at a computer all day long?

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You found it: it's working on a computer, a notebook or a tablet all day long. Because the relative position of the screen in relation to the keyboard is fixed, impossible to modulate.

Worse still, these fixed relative positions more or less force you to curl up on your screen, putting strain on your spine (next time you walk into a cafe, take a look at the first hipster you meet working on his laptop and you'll see what we're talking about - just looking at it will give you a bad back!).

A good quality monitor arm allows you to regularly adjust your position in relation to your screen to relieve tension in your back, neck, shoulders, arms and other body parts.