Recommendations to avoid diseases caused by Screen work

Screen work exposes employees to postural constraints and repetitive movements that can generate musculoskeletal disorders.

It can be responsible for visual fatigue (red eyes, stinging eyes, glare, accommodation disorders, dry eyes).


In general, here are the recommendations that it would be desirable to put in place:



» top of the monitor at eye level, except when wearing certain corrective lenses (progressive, etc.) where the monitor must be lower

» height and tilt adjustable screen

Documents consulted

» briefcase near screen:

- either at the same height

- either between the screen and the keyboard

In both cases, eye-head movements will be reduced.

Eye-to-screen distance

» between 40 and 70 cm or the length of an outstretched arm


» on a height-adjustable surface

» horizontal keyboard, without legs


» next to the keyboard in line with the shoulder or in front of you

Upper limbs - Lower limbs

» sufficient for the knees under the table (height-adjustable desk)

» sufficient space between the work surface and the keyboard (10 – 15 cm) allowing the support of the forearms

» thighs horizontal, feet flat on the floor or on the footrest

» arm-forearm angle must not be less than 90°, hands in line with the forearms

In summary

» favor a layout that allows you to change your posture

» correctly adjust the elements of the position to their personal characteristics