Your guide to working healthily and efficiently

Good sitting position

working healthy computer desk

Height of the armchair the feet are positioned flat on the ground, the knee makes an angle of 90-110°.

Use a footrest if you can't adjust the height of your desk yourself.

2 Worktable height: at elbow height so that you sit relaxed.
3 Height of the armrests just below the table top to allow you to get close enough to work comfortably.

4 Tilt the back of your chair slightly backwards for good support. The chair back should be adjusted between 90° and 120°.

5 Screen height the top of the screen should be positioned slightly below eye level. Use a monitor stand or flat screen arm.

6 Distance to the screen: at least arm's length. :Use an external monitor of at least 19 inches, an external keyboard and a mouse.

Work healthy on a laptop

work on laptop

7 Avoid prolonged use of a laptop computer (>2 hours per day) without having taken measures to improve comfort.

Use a laptop stand or an extra monitor with an external keyboard to reduce neck strain and increase comfort.

"Aligned" work

8 Place the documents, tablet or smartphone in line with the screen on a slightly inclined surface so that you can read easily without having to bend your neck. Use a briefcase.

work on laptop
Mouse right in front of the shoulder

mouse computer work

9 Avoid reaching out to pick up the mouse; use a compact keyboard, possibly with a separate numeric part, which you can also place on the left. ,

Increase productivity by using a separate compact keyboard with a laptop or tablet.
10 For added comfort, use a large, insulated mouse pad. The mouse cursor moves smoothly across the screen on each table and the mouse hand stays warm.

Multiple screens

computer screen

11 Use 2 screens when you regularly use 2 applications at the same time. Place the most used screen directly in front of you. If you often need to compare data from multiple applications, place both screens centrally in front of you.

active work

sit-stand desk
12 Use a chair equipped with a tilting device. Small rocking movements maintain your form.

13 Alternate between sitting and standing.

14 Regularly leave your workstation for a short walk at least 2 minutes every hour

15 Also give movement and relaxation to your brain. Regular stops increase your energy, concentration and performance,