Sitting Standing Desk OPAL PREMIUIM
Sitting Standing Desk OPAL PREMIUIM
Sitting Standing Desk OPAL PREMIUIM

Sitting Standing Desk OPAL PREMIUIM

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Alternate between sitting and standing and preserve your health by increasing your productivity

The height-adjustable desk is the perfect piece for your standing workstation, allowing you to find that much-needed healthy balance between sitting and standing throughout the long workday.

standing desk with two motors


160*80 cm in vast White MDF you will have adequate and sufficient space for your work

Sit-stand desk

with an arc in the center to allow you to be closer to the work areas on your desk.

Various charging options

fast wireless charger

standing desk accessories

+ Socket and two USB type A and C ports

sitting desk

Control keyboard with 4 positions

Sit-stand desk

  • Sit-Stand Desk Frame with TWO Electric Motors
  • Electronic height display control box
  • 4 programmable memory presets to save the desired height
  • Adjustable width accommodates a variety of countertop shapes and sizes
  • Obstacle detector and automatic stop
  • Possibility to set the max and min heights ...



Two Electric Motors. (made in Taiwan)

Bearable weight: 100KG

Speed: 30mm/s

Height adjustment: between 60 and 125 cm

Width adjustment: between 101 and 180 cm

3 year warranty


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