How to organize the office well?

How to organize your office? How to organize your workspace? The important thing is that everyone feels good in their environment and can mobilize all their resources to work effectively .

1. Vacuum sorting for immediate space saving.

Creative or not, organizing your office well necessarily involves a sorting phase. By sorting, you identify the superfluous to get rid of the elements that unnecessarily litter your workspace.

2. Clean: assurance of credibility at work.

Organizing your office requires cleanliness. Coffee cup circles and sandwich crumbs don't necessarily look the best in a co-working or corporate context – and especially in an open space.

3. Tidy up to save time.

Label systematically, file by date and subject, then put everything in its place. It is also possible to organize your office by work areas according to the due dates of the files, their level of urgency or their state of progress. Office equipment such as sorters, a pencil holder, filing cabinets, drawer units or storage boxes are all accessories that allow you to sort intelligently, to better find your way around.

4. Plants on your desk to reduce work stress.

Because organizing your office also involves its layout, why not take advantage of your workspace to promote a relaxed atmosphere? A green plant, a photo of your children or a Japanese garden can help reduce your professional stress, so that you can be more efficient.

5. The right brightness to increase its strength.

Organizing your office is an opportunity to provide yourself with useful comfort. Your workspace does not receive outside light? Do you work late at night? To limit your fatigue at work, equip your desk with a sufficiently illuminating lamp. In the same perspective of comfort, it is useful to buy a suitable office chair: to avoid back pain and thus increase productivity .