Is it time to renew your work furniture?

Do you run a business and want your employees to feel good about it? This is a very good thing, because it is still the best way for your team to be both productive and motivated. There are many levers you can use to make your business welcoming. One of them corresponds to the equipment that you make available to your employees. Thus, a computer scientist who uses a high-performance computer on a daily basis will be much more efficient than with an aging machine. But this does not only concern computer equipment: the same applies to work furniture.

Find out, thanks to OPAL ERGO , if it might not be time to replace and renew the work furniture within your company.

Does your work furniture seem aging?

The last time you bought office tables and chairs was about fifteen years ago? You may have taken great care of it, do you realize that your office furniture is a little damaged and no longer really up to date? Replacing your work furniture is a good idea. After all, even a chair that was very comfortable when purchased can become uncomfortable after about ten years. It is important to consider the natural wear and tear of the equipment you use within your business.

Do your employees complain of back pain?

Your work furniture is a few years old, but you still find it in good condition? This may be the case, but is this the opinion of your collaborators? If they regularly complain of back pain and some even have to take sick leave to treat their back pain, it is necessary to ask questions.

This is not surprising: in companies, some employees leave and others arrive throughout the year. Each time, the newcomers recover the material of the old ones. But this can be a problem: office chairs must be adapted to the morphology of each employee. In addition, employees do not necessarily think of changing the configuration of their table or office chair. Under these conditions, it is not surprising to develop back pain.

Acquiring office furniture adapted to the profession and morphology of each of your employees: this is what will improve their health and well-being within your company.

Do you want to test new ways of working?

Have any of your employees ever told you that they want to work standing up? You're not against it if it allows them to be more productive! In this case, you will have to provide them with the appropriate equipment. Indeed, it is not possible to work standing part of the working time in good conditions without a desk and a support for adjustable screens in height!

OPAL ERGO will accompany you in the renewal of your work furniture!

Renewing the work furniture in your company is a necessity, but you do not know which equipment to favor for your teams. We recommend that you contact the OPAL ERGO team now: we can carry out an ergonomic audit in your company before recommending desks, supports for laptops and screens and office chairs totally adapted to the needs of each of your your collaborators. We can also train them on their new office equipment. It is essential to learn the right postures to adopt in front of your workstation, but also to better adjust your office equipment.

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