Why choose a sit-stand desk?

The human body is not made to sit all day! A great alternative, the sit-stand desk allows you to vary your sitting and standing posture simply by raising or lowering the worktop. Ideal for preserving the health of professionals! We show you how it works 🙂

3 good reasons to choose an ergonomic sit-stand desk

1 - Prevents back pain

Tension in the neck, back and shoulders... The sit-stand desk prevents lower back pain and relieves muscle tension.
The sit-stand desk prevents back pain

2 - Boosts blood circulation

Sitting... standing... sitting... standing... This activity repeated in a day stimulates blood circulation and reduces the risk of weight gain.

The sit-stand desk stimulates blood circulation

3 - Promotes concentration

Regularly changing position allows you to breathe while energizing the body. This promotes oxygenation and therefore better concentration.

The sit-stand desk promotes concentration

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