Working from home: Best practices for being efficient

Working from home… Who hasn't dreamed of that?

Having the freedom to manage your schedule as you wish, staying in your pajamas all day, working peacefully in the comfort of your home without being interrupted by your colleagues or losing 1 hour a day in traffic, isn't that ideal? ?

This is the view that most people who aspire to this have towards working from home…

On the other hand, if you are self-employed or if you are one of those who have the possibility of telecommuting, you certainly know that the vision that most people have of working from home is often far from reality!

In fact, being truly productive working from home takes a lot of organization and self-discipline . Otherwise, you will quickly return to the office, if you are an employee, or lose money, if you are an entrepreneur.

To help you be fully efficient and productive while working from home , I consulted more than thirty articles on the subject and I gathered in one big article, ALL the best tips I have. identified to successfully work well and stay productive from home.

Here they are without further ado.

1. Define a separate workspace:

If you really want to be productive working from home, it is absolutely necessary that you have a separate place or room to set up your home office.

2. Make this workspace an inspiring place:

Once you have defined your home office space, another important aspect is to organize this space well and make it an inspiring place.

3. Set an optimal work schedule

One of the great advantages of working from home (for those with a flexible schedule) is having the possibility to organize your schedule as you wish.

4. Limit your schedule to preserve your privacy

One of the challenges of working from home is that work can easily interfere with personal life .

Indeed, since your office is directly located in your home, you can easily be absorbed by work and stay a few extra hours in your office, when you should be off to devote yourself to your family or your other activities.

5. Get dressed

Another piece of advice that may seem trivial, but is so true, is to simply get dressed at the start of your work day , even if you are working from home.

6. Reduce distractions

While there are a lot of challenges working from home, the hardest part is probably fighting against all the distractions and multiple possibilities…

7. Break the isolation

Finally, another factor that you will have to deal with if you work from home full time is isolation.


Working from home is a real privilege. However, this has its share of challenges. If you really want to be focused and productive while working from home, you need to learn how to work well.

For this, you now have 7 effective strategies that you can put into practice and which should allow you to meet the challenges and take full advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.