Our history

Khaoula MERZOUKI - Mohcine AKSSAS
A financial executive and a former army officer:
a couple who want to make computer work healthier and more productive

We spent long hours a day in front of our screens at the office and at home during the launch of our first e-commerce site project,

Result: pain in the back, wrists and neck.

After much research, training, and tested equipment. We have been able to improve our productivity and even eliminate the evils felt before

Thus, we made the decision to specialize in the field of computer workstation ergonomics to help establish this culture in Morocco given its important role in the prevention of health problems such as MSDs.

OPAL ERGO then concretizes our initiative through its advice, its effective solutions and its mission to help computer users improve their productivity while ensuring their well-being .

Since 2017, OPAL solutions have been present in hundreds of institutes and companies in Morocco

Installation of monitor supports by the OPAL team in the control and monitoring room Tramway Rabat-Sale (Transdev)