173-Piece Cable Organizer Pack
173-Piece Cable Organizer Pack

173-Piece Cable Organizer Pack

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Description of Our 173-Piece Cable Organizer Pack

Car Cable Holder: Our cord organizer is incredibly useful for managing cables. It will prevent your phone charging cables, USB cables, network cables, and TV power cords from tangling and fraying, keeping your room tidy and neat.

Adhesive Cable Clips: This phone cord holder for desks comes with a strong 3M adhesive pad that can stick to any smooth, clean surfaces in your home or office, such as glass, plastic, tables, desks, and metal or wood walls. Easy to install, no need to drill holes or use screws.

Cable Organizer Clips: These cable organizers are made of high-quality, flexible, and eco-friendly silicone that easily bends and smoothly inserts cables.

Suitable for Daily Use: Our cord management clips are suitable for wire diameters of 0.26 inches (6mm). You can use them not only as wire clips but also as pen holders, toothbrush holders, or floss holders. The perfect size to meet your daily needs.

Handy Tips: For best results with our wire holder, please ensure that the desk surface is clean, smooth, oil-free, dust-free, and dry before sticking it. Press and hold for at least several hours after attachment, 24 hours is recommended.

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